dave tuck tribute

dave was my best friend from the moment i moved out to colorado. he helped me and many others big time in many ways. i miss him dearly but will always have this video to remember otherwise lost moments. its 2 hours of dave and his army of friends skating coast to coast


  skatecolorado mountains of trannys

pools, pipes, parks, backyards, contests

spanning 10 plus years, over 80 minutes of pros, bros, mystic scrapers, up and comers, over the hillers, girls, demos and colorados best music. great footy of chet, science, shaggy, cam and glen the aussies, wrex, sessions, mitchell and caleb. wooden bowls you never heard of, contests you never saw, pipes you never rode... vid


  the 2001 skate odyssey

64 spots, 8000 miles cramped into 1:10

this video is a killer tour guide to the northwest and colorado. we give you a good idea of what the spots are like with panoramic pictures, daves all park runs, heated sessions, and the beer rating. some of the epic sessions include: hewitt, shaggy and science at burnside; barging bainbridge and sumner; utah with brian pennington and glenn the aussie; and the concrete challenge.


  addicted to fear

thrillseekers on the dr joy browne show

in this 45 minute video you'll travel alongside 3 skateboarders and 1 paid to lie guest as they run around a tv studio in nyc looking for thrills, annoying staff, and meeting other guests on the show. besides exclusive behind the scenes footage of the taping, you'll get to see clips from the actual show intermingled with intense skateboarding footage and stunts that defy having brains. this video will keep you laughing, entertained, and itching to skate at the same time.

spot luck vid

  the spot luck tour

on tour with brewce martin and friends

10 swamp troggs on tour from skatopia to slam city. the parks in the vid include: ashland, aumsville, medford, jacksonville, talent, grants pass, newberg, burnside, hastings, 403, and the millenium park in calgery. highlights include the slam city contest .01, hastings bowl sessions, the butter bowl and plenty-o-partying with the CIA.

slip skins

  slip skins

the de_evolution of skateboarding

slip skins are super fast dense plastic rails for skateboarding. they are small and a nice alternative to locking up on slides. the popularity is growing with not many alternatives if you want to slide fast and consistently. they work great on pool coping!


all videos are available in vhs and dvd and can be ordered through me