team clean cut

team clean cut outside whistler, bc

the spot luck tour

what a tour! not only was it the best road trip i was ever on, i got paid to document it. i designed and updated a tour site while we were on the road. it was pretty cool getting emails from kids in parks we just went through. most were stoaked, some wanted their girlfriends back. the site includes photos, videos, panos, and of course, team quotes from an 18 day stretch from skatopia to oregon 'crete to slam city to calgery and home. the site was hosted by balzout, a tour sponser, but they didnt have the ballz to keep the whole thing up. so here it sits, where it should be, in the negativeion. slam city jam and the skatopia skateboard museum also helped fund the trip.

recently i found time to scan my 35mm skate photos in from this trip. check them out.

and.... as of 1.6.02 i have an hour long video of this tour for sale. you can buy it for $5 via jerry or online for $12