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sig jay

jay is incredible on a skateboard. so much power and passion, he sems like a warrior on path of destruction. lehigh valley hard core hall of famer for sure

jay sig

noah schott

i really like this shot by taylor dehart of noah schott. the angle and the coping laced vagina really twist you up like the ramp


xavier manzanares

xavier snakeing his way thru the arvada skatepark into the negativeion. ftc kills

ftc kills

tuck camtest

dave was a great friend to me and alot of other shredders. there was no question, he was our general. he brought together a crew aimed on keeping skateboarding real in our territory.

the generals talents in a plethora passions are widely known across the world. backcountry snowboarding, backyard skateboarding, drumming beer boy, rasta man reincarnate, center stage MC to name a few.

the generals traits were impeccable and he always stood out in a room. beyond generous, above loyal, always humors, with an elbow pad shield he was tuff as nails on the battlefield

david andrew tuck fought pancreatic cancer for almost 2 years. we'll never forgot him or his family he leaves behind, cuz he would always be there for us

aug 1 1970 to july 20 2013


forTuck camtest

the fifth annual camtest was a blast! everyone was out to give tuck some love and shred the pink motel. you didnt want to be in the featherweight division, it was a full on snake sesh in a concrete bowl. brad mcclain won that shit, but greyson also placed high and tore it up all nite. the whole party rocked and alot of money was raised for our bro who continues to kick cancers ass


meager curtis

curtis baker lets loose a flyin handplant at the recycler. the og cia agent got some shit done this past year. while helping me build this contraption, he and the rest of team pain were crankin out parks in the area. over winter he was back home in fl pourin crete and skating it. all that good build karma (and his shitload of solid tricks) helped him become master of his domain at the florida bowlriders comp. now curts back out here for another round of parks and getting some research time in for his old man army pro model. the guys that build the best and rip the best are the ones to support. buy that thing. hell, the hanger replica was his idea


jerry hates

a lot has changed on the web since i started twisting my life into electrons. this project started back in grad school, when i had access to the best computer labs of the time. that was the only way i was gonna be able to manipulate files on a unix server or stitch quicktime vrs together amung a trillion other things. now i do all this wherever i want. i dont need a darkroom or an a to d converter to fuse myself with the world. it all just happens with a lil oraginzation. so i guess ill just keep on keep'n on until i cant boardslide anymore. its been a hell of a journey so far, dont you think?


skateabout meeting

i had the pleasure of hanging out with mike donnavon while i was in canberra. one hung over mourning he took us to charnwood and showed us lines he's been doing there for 20 years. after i showed him this pic, he told me how a similar shot of him doing the same trick in the same place was on the cover of an australian skate mag back in the day. so here would be the cover of my month trip to the other side of the world.

mike donnavon

tim johnson

tim johnson's skateboarding reminds me of henri matisse's painting. effective use of lines and color. no mistaken it for someone elses art, i mean skateboarding. but this splash is really about me. what the hell am i doing twisting a clean photo into abstract art? why am i using white all over the place? am i running out of ideas for this splash look? what would happen then?

is an artist in a pool

james kills

this could have been called design build skate 2. a skateboarder and skatepark builder riding his pool in his backyard- one of the best backyard pools out there. its so smooth and challenging with 2 plus 2 in the shallow. so this crail over the stairs is no joke. someones living the dream.


randy kills what

theres all these virtually unknown rippers who do more than kill a park, they build killer parks. where would we be without there dedication, knowledge and craftsmanship? back in the 80's probably. randy has surley paid his dues, living at the west seattle house for many years and working for grindline building parks across the country since then. theres nothing like seeing him rip up the new fairplay park he just got done building for 2 months

he builds

time to recycle

this was it, the last trick on the skatecolorado ramp before we started tearing it down. what a fun ramp, what a great scene. we took alot of the ramp to the fallen wharehouse in denver, so hopefully we'll see more of that half bowl and oververt extension. since us locals voted chris sessions the ripper of the bowl, and then he rode it to dark the way one should say goodbye, he gets another negativeion cover. i know im real stoaked i got to skate this ramp alot with chris- amazing lines like no one else


lap per

i just tried to make it look like a simple, raw, catchy Lapper cover from back in the day. this is my homage to a mid 80s zine that parallels my endeavours with negativeion. id like to think someday negativeion might be like bruce adams Lapper mag, a timeless piece of skateboarding. its a blast to go through old lappers and see the tricks, riders and spots of the time. theres people i know in there, places ive been and stories from the adventures. pick one of them up and laugh at the past. support mags like this (ie. concussion) cuz it sucks when theyre gone


sessions in colorado

i love new toys, and the new addition to the skatecolorado ramp is just that. 3' radius plus 1.5' of vert quarterpipe hipped to the oververt extension, now you come hauling down the escalator and up that tighty. then theres the burly cement coping that curves up the side of it, adding a twist to your normal lip trick. so i guess this cover is about evolution of ramps, and also, plain ramps suck. get creative, put some toys up, even an old dishwasher, its worth it. we're having a blast out here in colofukinrado, and chris sessions knows it!


got fruit? give fruit

this is just shameless advertising for science and i's root of the fruit project. im just trying to get the point across that we want your skateboard footage and we will make great things happen with it. so many people have killer footage hiding out in closets with no output for it. this is a chance for everyone to bring their footage together and see what everyone else has. thanks to jay meer, you'll be able to see choppy omega, wade speyer, christian hosio, and shitload of others, killing burnside in root of the fruit vol. 0 'the big trailer'

wade speyer

denver pools

chet childress and the pimple pool trapped forever in the negativeion! john, the pool jock, recently moved to denver and has been getting alot of pools happening. at this pool we discovered drains in the pump house and got it rockin. our first sessions were slick because we kept popping paint bubbles where water was trapped. the square with nice trannys and a spill gutter got sessioned frequently for a few months before it was demolished to make way for a wider hwy 25. at my last session there, rhino had to bribe the security guard with stickers before we could skate it. chet, terrel, tuck, john and i got to say goodbye with a ripping sesh.


tranny tranny

i was going to dub it electrons for skateboarding, but then i started playing with it and bam! tranny skateboarding. that is what negativeion is- tranny skateboarding. i dont know if i ever even heard of such a label, but the more i say it, the more i like it. i like tranny skateboarding. greg hiler rules! judo air on his ramp. brett turner is a good man. he just forgets that sometimes. grinding the vert wall of skatopia's outdoor complex. rumor has it kyle berard finally got his drivers license. lotsa control big lein at jamies' last jam in dc. fuuuuucckk. remy stratton lipsliding through the photographers in brewces barn. just another unknown soldier, brian tori smithing style at the hanger in charleston. last but not least! devon 'poppins' mcguire saying goodbye to a goodbwl. hip slob jamies'.


justice justice

411 and transworld and other popular mags seem so single sided, covering only riders with sponsors that contribute to their mags. who knows? maybe there just isnt enough space for everyone? but when one of the latest 411VM covered the utopia contest without the sick bowl sesh, i just had to let some electrons ride. hello, theres a killer bowl in that park! besides for the bail section, they had only 1 clip of anyone riding the bowl- and that was barley sketching a grind! take nothing away from barley- brian wainwright, brian patch, and al partanen are bowl riders that just killed it! but somehow they didnt make the cut? oh well. here's 2 guys that pay for their own road trips, get boards from friends, and have been skating hard for years with no inspiration from the industry at large. morris wainwright and dave maxwell with some action from the utopia bowl. great skateboarding.



this photo was one of a bunch i shot at the utopia pro bash in jan 00. this was the first pro contest i took photos at, and i found it to be easy. you find a trick you see someone doing in their line, and you get ready for it next time they drop in. be where you need to be and theres your shot. crum was poping these huge nollieoops way across the ramp.



i went to charleston for some am contest at the skatepark and it turned out to be pretty lame. so we got directions to the bowl and lucked out arriving minutes before the second layer was complete. it had been under construction for a year plus, and we show up with perfect timing. slowly the locals show up and get use to the monster. jimmy was skating like he had been waiting a year to do so. i couldnt resist the freshest footage of this east coast rebirth.
i found this german product design site that showcased there products on layers that you can move around. i evolved the script a little and added some screen captures from video to get the sequence. the flip here is you get to move the sequence around to get it to look right on your computer, or how you want to look at the sequence (across, down...) this is also contains the first logo i stole for my manipulating pleasure.



blindside was my second web project (started in 1996) and it just got too limited in structure. so when i came up with my new theme, i was really into this tunnel thing (or sequence of pages) and i used it to explain what was going on. (blindside got swiped with radiation and a negative ion was the only way to revive it) most of this old site is within my old school skate section. now its a jump for people who still find my blindside site.



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