you know itsa good site when the melvins are in the middle of it

  What's up with this site?

in mid 98, something was amuck with my blindside website. i thought it was hackers, but it wasnt. it was some sort of living electronic radiation. it seeped in my eyes and started making my brain do shit while i was writing code. it just made me type mad key combinations that i could not comprehend. luckily i escaped before anything major could happen. but i knew i had to do something about that selfmade code inside my website. it was taking out my pages slowly. so i did some reading on radiation and found out how to stabilize it- add an electron- a negativeion that could counteract the bizerk webzine. i shoved one in that zip hole so hard that i got blown backwards harder than michael j fox in back to the future. now i have to feed this negativeion in order to keep myself alive. fingers jammed against circuits. you can ruffle thru my memories, measure my sickness, view the madness and play with my soul, thats jerry's soul.

                         old home

that was the story until 2015. thats when i changed the negativeion to reflect my new quantum physics view of the world. the atom is no longer the smallest thing, or bit of reality. its really wave lengths of possibility that exist at the planck scale.
out with the old 3D model and atom look and in with the enlightened model of my life. thats reflected in the ousting of an old art section an adding the new experimental wing of the ion. my environmental side is growing and taking over the negativeion model

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