jim bishop  

5. 06

bishops castle

wake up sheeple! thats what jim bishop shouts aloud into the woods for everyone, or no one, to hear. when you come to visit his massive non governed castle you might see him working hard, or hear him educating people as to their rights and how our government is corrupt and not doing its job and overstretching its power. even if hes not there, its free and open to the public and theres massive signs that tell personal stories about his fights with the courts and officers. theyve tried to shut his castle down many times because he doesnt obey local building codes and states he has constitutional rights on his side. even if you dont agree with his politics, you can walk around and be amazed at what hes built for 40 years, by himself! he is one of the greatest men of all time. he built this without help, slaves or cranes. a pioneer in the way things should have been built. "engineering without money is ingenuity"

  the castle

the rocks are mined on the property and wood is cut and milled on site


jims does wrought iron for a living in pueblo- then when hes not working he does more around the castle


the government would never allow this crane at 10 feet, let alone 100 feet up

inside hall

jim does the stain glass too


ready to burn down the national forest, this beast has a hot air balloon torch shoved down his throat