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this is my website, or homepage if you will. and i will cuz thats what these things were called when i started surfing the web. alot has changed with the web since i started this in 1998, but the site remains a direct conncetion to me and my life in this quantum level of reality. there are two things have developed over the years that dont really flow with the spirit of this site...

i think its a waste of time to update and keep up with all the digitial jam. its great cuz it gets alot of info out there but its bad cuz of how quick it makes things move. lazy also. i cant tell if you like me or not until you take the 1 extra minute to email me instead of just clickin and collectin likes. really this is just a glorified facebook or blog, but ive been doing it since before those terms existed

i design my site for me, mostly. i hate looking at those lil smart phone screens when i can utilize bigger monitors. i dont even have a smart phone (1.1.2015) so why should i design for one? sorry if it doesnt look right on those things, but i dont want it to. this is my art and thats part of my presentation control

tim j

i dont just give the gnarly hardcore skateboarding photos and videos away. you gotta find them by browsing smart. i dont think i have any dead ends on this sight, but sometimes links arent so obvious. heres some tips for dwelling in the negativeion

when your mouse arrow moves over a link, it changes to a hand or something like that. think of your mouse arrow as like a sensor, looking for links. remember, links lead to bigger and deeper things. some images are presented in a new browser window, like this example.
ahh but keep this in mind. - sometimes that window ends up under this one, so its a good idea to move this window to the right a bit so it will never completely cover the images window.

this site was made on a mac, so windows people might have to adjust their monitors brightness for i love dark images, and i build on the generally lighter gammas of the mac world.

please let me control your fonts! in the edit preferences fonts menu of your browser the font size should be 12; the resolution 72dpi; and use page or dynamic fonts.

i do this really wierd thing, i turn off my underlining of links in my browsers preferences. things look much nicer that way.   try it!

if you see any problems with names, or spelling, or links, or whoknows what else, let me know. my email is at the bottom of alot of pages.

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