science fair
ohh youll hear science bitching about a shit park built by idiots. but you will also see science out there building something great with his friends. this is an example of the latter, currituck nc

ive been a big fan of dave maxwell (aka science or science fair) since the first time i met him. it was like all the other times ive skated and partied with him all over the country, ridiculous. pushing boundaries filled with pbr. the most entertaining skater ive ever met. and hes a true skateboarder that builds gnarly, travels extensively, acts crazy and skates for fun. his stamina and trick selection leave alot of heavy hitters on the bench.

ive traveled and skated with science so much people think he works on the negativeion. and he does, in spirit. the pics below are taken from different nodes in my negativeion. follow the links to enjoy more of the adventures of science.

beer tap
science was living in denver when he placed 4th in the dreamparks contest and had the most insaine beer run ever

roastin old school
sometimes home, sometimes a place to travel to, the charleston hanger is one of daves favorite bowls. that wall is 10 plus 2 that hes roasting out of on that banana board

off the wall
science helped build the punisher bowl at skatopia way back in the day. years later and hes still finding crazy shit to do on that 13 foot wall. heres a boneless with a wall bonk at the backwoods blowout 5

science and his friends have been building ramps on this property near charlotte since they were kids. the ramp farm was host to the substitute jam on halloween years ago

i cant imagine being on a better tour than the 2001 skate odyssey. dave set the world rock and roll record, won a major bowl contest, traveled around for almost 3 months hitting 64 spots and jumped 2 rollerbladers in vancouver

trinirad ov, back in the day- unknown contributor

slip skins