slip skins

slip skins come in 3 sizes to enhance your skating needs. you should use these rails if you are looking for more consistent slides, better grabs on your airs, or a longer lasting deck. the hand fabrication of slip skins makes them superior in density to injection molded rails made from pellets. thus slip skins will last longer and slide faster than any other board rail on the market.

wide slip skins

wide slip skins provide a minimal-friction surface area to contact the lip. this allows a rider to maintain consistent sliding speeds because they are not wearing through paint to a grippy wood surface.

skinny slip skins

skinny slip skins provide a lip for your finger tips to grip when tweaking airs. they can wear down quicker than the wide rail, but the smaller profile is ideal for many skaters.

jerrys slip skins

jerry's slip skins are designed for a 14.5 inch wheel base. the screw spacing is different to avoid excessive wear over the screw holes. the top is rounded more to make it over rougher surfaces such as bricks or mortar gaps in pool block. enjoy huge slides on the first signature board rail.

slip skins are only available in white. custom sizes are available -

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