jerry with a 20 plus footer - over the door, through the pocket and down the escalator. palmer seq

i started making rails in 1995 when i couldnt find another decent pair out there. in 2000, i started making slip skins in charleston sc. since then i've been selling them at sessions all over the country for 5 bucks a set. until i find a better product on the market, i will continue to provide the best board rail for those who want to slide away...

video clips
every clip has a slide

layback rnr

layback rock and roll slide through my paint job in bruce's pocket. thanks spidey

fakie ollie

fakie ollie floater in the humbler's sweet spot. allen losi had some great tricks

rock n roll slide
rock and roll slides on pool coping on vert are the best

this one got me, slid right in while bailing it. they say i was trying to walk on the water, who the hell am i? luckily, chet had some wierd nike hightops or i wouldnt have been boardsliding this colorado gem

slide drop

all these rock n rolls have gotten me a board sponsor. the slide n drop rock n roll hanging with the crew at the annual funtest in trinidad

slide slam
i envisioned this from the get go. a bridge of death is the only way to connect these two trannys and that means theres gonna be a pit you can fall into and that means someones gonna put a fire in there and that means someones gonna try and go over it and that means someones gonna go in it instead. im glad i could follow through on some thoughts

hi up
the rocks in fairplay colorado are everywhere. john and dana stepped it up with the rock over the death box. this slide took me up the hip, across some of tetters amazing pool blocks, thru the friction and back onto the best pool coping ever. computer daves sweet photo

vancouv transfr
the park in vancouver washington has a ton of transfers. heres one i could do, lo to hi. mikeD photos

showin orcas my love, mikeD pervin in

heres my trick for the box. mikeD animated me

slip skins