mac varial

ollie to tail

fs alley oop

This place has a lot of transition. every kind of transition you can think of. stuff for the little ones, all the way up to stuff for the big boys. airplane hangers full of ramps that connect in every way possible and toys that you've never ridden before. big foam pits for trying those rodeos. 5 or so pools. about 50 half pipes. little obstacle courses, and big ones. a 112 foot wide steel vert ramp! complete with bigo rollin, taco, death box and offset trannys.
   and if all this wasnt enough, or was too much, you could mend those old bones in the hot tub, wash yourself in the pool, try and stretch with the gymnists, or even try and beat neil hendrix in go cart racing.
   the downfall to all this good stuff was i didnt have time to take the photos of explanation. i did snap some photos of andy mac between my runs.


by jerry