springers overview

Springer's ramp is the way it should be. a not so perfect, but beyond good mini half nestled in shawn springers backyard in raleigh nc. the backyard is a good place so anyone can come over anytime and help themselves to the fun. the usuals come from all over to live in this town and goto school at nc state. so the ramps a melting pot of style from all over. the ramp itself includes 2 extensions and a set back vert wall to add innovation and speed to your runs. and on special occasions the atmosphere is enhanced with dj's, mc's, bands, and or bamboo coping.


shawn and his ramp are alot alike. both love to be outside. both get by without much $, but lotsa donations. shawn has a daughter, the ramp has its children. the ramps tight, and shawns laid back- so i guess thats a difference. but thats not going to stop the 2 of them from being together, as shawn is finishing the 2 story treehouse above the deck. heres another photo of shawn

  ben conway

ben migrated here from chicago in the fall a couple of years ago and never flew home again. he goes big on mini or street. super energetic. look how his hair stands up when he skates. lotsa energy. ben has recently migrated even farther south to oz, with promises of returning soon. there's more pictures of ben.

      mike adams

i think mike is from new jersey. i have to do some research to see where they breed this sorta style. fast style im talkin about. photos halt the speed and it doesnt seem right. mike tailslides, ollies, and grinds all over the place. yeah i got more of mike.

  brian dale

Yikes is the first word that comes to mind when i watch brian skate. he gets so switch lippy my eyes fill with tears. and then theres his ollie variations which sometimes leave me clueless. he does it all with a calm expressiveness. brian grew up in winston-salem skating the eastern vert facility. now he parts time in raleigh and charleston. you want more ?...


toms just one of the many locals that rips it up. so many tricks, so little time. stop by nc state to fill out your educational application .  .  .  .

  by jerry