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backyard beast 5/15
phase 3 6/12 - 5/13
            Jon Huey
            Ashley Mott
            Jerry Hahn
            Gabe Morford
            Craig Ogata

phase 2 6/11 - 5/12
the west wing build 3/11 - 5/11
skate 7/10 - 11/11
construction 5/10 - 8/10

1/2 ply
3/8 ply
exterior paint- camo colors

dont park on my street

Fueled by

6th annual memorial day

its like the raddest mini ramp on
top of the raddest mini ramp
-peter gunn

holy shit, its the boomerang ramp
-mike cruz

its where ramps go to get skated

Whats in the Recycler?
bill ross's mini
bad egg mini
jimbos mini
tucks mini
breakfast mini
boulder vert ramp
(that moved to the church
then to a private spot)
kevins indoor mini
bowl trolls mini
rickys mini

parts of...
the fallen warehouse
thrifty stick mini
vans westminster
old broomfield park
espn/woodward park

coping from...
bowl trolls beer cans
james's old penrose
university pool
best buy roman
joels 80 block stash
team pain crete
broomfield park steel
ricky martin

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Foto Feed

phase 3 was adding 8 feet onto the vert wall. that lil pocket in it was just what was needed to ride alot more like a bowl

click the photographers to the left to see some photos

heres a clip showing some season highlights

heres a clip of some stellar lines

tour vids including the recycler
blood brothers tour
krooked vs kolorado
gullwing's rocky mountain vortex
aussies in colorado
jimmys edit