rampbook now give me millions

phase 3 6/12 - 5/13
            Jon Huey
            Ashley Mott
            Jerry Hahn
            Gabe Morford
            Craig Ogata

phase 2 6/11 - 5/12
the west wing build 3/11 - 5/11
skate 7/10 - 11/11
construction 5/10 - 8/10

1/2 ply
exterior paint- camo colors

dont park on 69th
park in my driveway and cross street
church lot is ok

Fueled by


its like the raddest mini ramp on
top of the raddest mini ramp
-peter gunn

holy shit, its the boomerang ramp
-mike cruz

its where ramps go to get skated

Whats in the Recycler?
bill ross's mini
bad egg mini
jimbos mini
tucks mini
breakfast mini
boulder vert ramp
(that moved to the church
then to a private spot)
issaics spine

parts of...
the fallen warehouse
thrifty stick mini
vans westminster
old broomfield park
espn/woodward park

coping from...
james's old penrose
university pool
best buy roman
joels 80 block stash
team pain crete
broomfield park steel
ricky martin

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Foto Feed

zac going lo to hi, maybe to truck? its been too long

and hes been waiting years to see these pics. lo to hi front d

nother team pain youngen jumpin to the wall- storm style

alley lo to hi misiano youngen matt

he killed it

greasy was always involved back then

its a dog world and i cant fit in


finish. the rest is in between

i really hated to paint over this art

before the carpet layers for sound proofing

these strips make it hella sturdy

recycler details

my fence blew over! attaching the huge bamboo sail might not have been the smartest idea. but its close to it. its like wonder womens invisible plane

notice the huge steel posts added to my cloak

this is where springers mini meets the volcom vert. thats a wall

ive been saving skate stickers since middle school. 30 years worth all stuck down and urethaned over

the outline is meant to inspire a complete recycler

phase 3 || Jon Huey || Ashley Mott || Gabe Morford || Craig Ogata