co parks

roxboro gets a real high beer rating. lots of tranny in many forms. the pool, vert bowl and flow course would all be hits on there own. so you can drive to a pop up community right next to where the rockies start poping up and pop tart everywhere. check this pool out, a roman with a twist, if you ask me.
flawless finish, penrose coping, endless lines

steve from aztec rocks the roll over the hip

rox flo
this is a flow bowl.
carve, pop, fly, bank lotsa fun
when the kids are away

tony approves of meagers testing.
team pain rips what they make

2 miles high in the sky, you'll find fairplay- the highest skate mecca in the world

mark roth crailin up on grindlines creation

team pain finish makes this like the cream of DIY. cream with tedder coping, tile and plenty o vert

ash poured alot into CCPS and the bennett project
and thats how it got done so well

tim has great karma in this bowl also,
with his sweat on all layers of the volunter project

theres this one grindline crew.... ever skate aztec? thats what im talking about. wild stuff, like this pool. check the shadow of the river rock hip

kremmling deep
this is one of my favorite parks in the state. im saying this in 2012. the size of the walls, shape, levels, features all work great together. but i like mini (not to be confused with micro) more than pool or vert

spring canyon style
these guys are so much fun. team pain pushin the skate art in ft collins

spring canyon style
sick ass pool. tile, stairs, tedder coping, death box, tight pocket, vert everywhere

oh yeah, the doorway to green pastures is there also. joe rocks it

DIY, northside ft collins is where a useless park got smashed up into something real

gnar pocket

airspeed comes up short on their rebirth in hippy town

lil g
al b just grew up and blew up

wrex worked for site design on the longmont park

cam tested the longmont and almost every other park around here with me.
can you tell?



co grinders