mikes perfect clover


this was part of the great concrete rush of 2006. mikes, james's and tucks- 3 very different denver backyard crete'ations. somewhere back in time was the vans park in westminster. the feature there was the clover, and a damn good one it was. lotsa people were bummed when it closed, and mike was one of them. in fact he dug it so much, he got arrested skating it while workers were burying it beneath a bowling alley. a couple years later, and no concrete experience, he puts the most perfect clover ever in his yard, miles from the old one.


mikes construction


i was pumped my plumber friend wanted to go big and make a vans replica in his backyard. i downloaded some info on how to build a bowl, gave it to mike and he was off. the dirt kept stacking up as mike perfected 3 bowls. in the end, he only needed 2 different blocks, 1 radius for the hips, and 1 for the pockets. he basically had no help from skatepark builders till the end. then jason limon tightened up the grid and got some grindline guys (ben, scooter, kyle and himself) to pour the crete. i think mikes perfectionism and work ethnic made this a better bowl than lots of skatepark builders could do. his stats on the project are tight also. heres a few:

started 4.28.04 with layout
first pour 11.18.05
decks done 7.31.06
total labor hours 1531
mike 1000 hours
bernie 46 1/2 hours
jerry 41 hours
matty 38 1/2 hours
marco 24 hours
tye 20 1/2 hours
40 others w/less than 20 hours of help

baker andrecht
the coping gives curt baker a workout. all the florida guys like mikes cuz its alot like the property.
im thinkin that works vice versa, gotta get down there


curt smith
im going to have a shot of curt doing a frontside smith at every spot in colorado

greasy fair
this might be the best shot i have of greasy. stinky greasy, or as chet would say, gravy!

greasy again
these round hips work for youngsters with pop. circa 2012

greasy f slide

greasy crail

greasy Backside smith

billy sparkin
billy charged this one full on, and somehow i think my photo shows that. id be stoked seeing that fade into existence in the developer

funny story. we went to hooters after working on this bowl 1 eve. real close by. i noticed another customer in there with an RCMC shirt on. i was thinking it might have been someone who would know about the clover we were replicating, since RCMC built it for vans. shaggy, sanders, vogt, wasnt any of them. went over and met ky carje! he came back to mikes and checked out one of his companies gems he thought was gone forever

science use to work for RCMC, team pain and grindline. now he works for artesian

have you heard what hes up to? theres not many pics on the internet of it. in fact science is purposfully not learning how to email photos till the bowl is done. big

sci boneless

tim johnson
i think mikes came out alot better than the original. the shallow has less flat so more zip. those hips were more drawn out to and i like those tighter ones. instead of a slippery plaster, the surface is grippy concrete. mikes deep is a perfect 9 plus 1, vans wasnt. the coping was always sauced and super fast, mikes is some nice penrose that barly gets ridden- ill take the grit. the coping at mikes sticks out more than usual. its like old grindline did it or something. i love it, most people want to see it faded.

tim johnson
tim johnson, he can handle it all.

tim johnson
tim and science were out for the fairplay throwdown in 2006 and havent been back since. i know theres a ton of other places to get to, but both of them are due back soon for high altitude shredding

tim johnson

tim johnson

tim johnson

glen chranoski
if charno gets any higher he'll be able to see his pad in boulder.

glen chranoski
its good to have an east coast vet out here. its really good to have a PA bro out here. its really good and lucky to have a lehigh valley legend down the road

peter hewitt
this sesh was part of the indy tour 2008. theres about 20 pro skaters over there. not many stepped up to this one. it was just the type of thing peter likes to get inverted in

peter hewitt

peter hewitt
why does this smith kinda look a little wierd? probably cuz hes going backwards. not switch, or fakie, just backwards. thats the next switch, backwards. was that a smith? no it was a rewind smith. rewind it to see it forward and the secret message

peter hewitt
use that same caption from above

peter hewitt
a blured peter hewitt frontal photo is better than no frontal photo. at least on my site

heres a shot of curt baker warming up next to the warm up bowl

wastell in video
want some video action? here's an exert from cancer killer

all good and crappy photos by jerry
all good and crappy text by jerry


mikes is a colorado grinder built with the help of the negativeion