quinns hip


is a crazy music venue in downtown denver. the ramps gone now, but we had a fun sessions/ contest there one time. the prizes for 1st thru 3rd were bottles of jack daniels. since al brunelle won and was like 16, he got the little one. third place, cam i think, got the biggest one.

by the way, you have to scroll right on this page to see all the pics. why? when i first started working on this update i didnt have a fancy mac with a smooth interface, so i would always see the scroll bar on the bottom to tell me there was stuff to the right. that should have been the lead. but now that scroll bar dissapears if your not touching it. so it would be pretty hard to find. what really sucks is all the other spots on the site where i assumed this navigation tip would get you through, well now your really gonna have to feel around.

the vert wall when right up the side of a building, right into some mech pipe.
thats the coping al need to do this rock n roll on the wall

lil g
lil g oli to the set back

frenchy flippin in

cam ltt

mike bently feeblin over a love seat next to a set back

bens big board over the edge piv

renfro has a rockin rockin roll


was built in 2004 by caleb moore, andy and a crew of others. it was going for about 6 years, but the property was forclosed on. ive heard there are chunks of this ramp laying in a field somewhere in berthod. it was tuff to skate, lots of stuff going on- like a quick waterfall, radius changing pockets, an oververt wave, hand poured coping, roll ins and 5" pipe spine.

the superunknown

the indy tour stopped by and it kinda stumped those dudes too. or maybe they were just full from a huge bbq the owner threw for them. omar can do an ollie on a full belly

the cameron known as cam

if cameron were doing this at the grand opening, he would be grabbin $20s that the owners chubby kid was taping up in the ov

boss hog bowl
merk was the driving force behind the boss hog bowl back in late 2005. it was on the property of the skatecolorado ramp. something to skate the neighbors couldnt complain about. i dont think its ever been finished, but maybe...

quinns up near sopris
quinns is up under mt sopris. a big mini bowl packed with stuff like a great hip and an escalating pocket. jason and maybe some other grindline guys did this. as i write this in may 2012, the house is being sold. so this ones on the fringe of extinction...

johns mini in lakewood is a second version. started over from scratch, the mini has a mini pocket in there. actually this ones dead now too. i only went there once, but you gotta go check em out cuz you never know when there gonna be gone

matt on the extension

the sessions at scottys are always raging, especially in the winter. its loud, tight, and fast with a pole kinda in the middle. theres these shit bag army guys that go there. dont mess with them, they mess with dog the bounty hunter. buy them a 30 pack. get louder, get harold

eliptical trannys on a mini of decent proportion. great start to the bowl. that extension is hard to hit, but even harder to not hit that pole afterwards

back in the early 90s there was a skatepark up in breckenridge called big fish. they had a mini ramp they got from tod franzen. that mini eventually got craned into scotts basement as he built his house above a very tall basement. he suspended the trannys from the ceiling while pouring the floor? this ramp has been around summit county for a long time and weekly sessions have been going on at scotts for 10 years!

this is troys old school vert ramp and the offshot quarter with pvc coping and the pool and mott rock. oh somewhere in there you'll find cameron flyin around

shawn no handed flyin. how about the camo paint job? it didnt work. some city jerk saw the ramp and its since been cut down. i should rant here about how we live in the land of the free, yet we cant do whatever we want on our own property. land of the free, whoever told you that is your enemy

shawn back handed flyin

team grindland
this is scotts, it was built by a bunch of team pain guys with major amounts of grindline and a bit of dreamland. all those guys killed it that year out here. aside from the parks they were building, they did scotts, motts and my exposed coping that summer. it comes in phases out here, things line up and creted down.

this is scotts, not to be confused with scotty's up in breck. this is over in parker, in fact it is the best thing about parker. its a really good vert bowl. stranger design. in fact berry helped on scotts first bowl, up there in montrose. he was working for airspeed then, the totem bowl. its somewhere on my website, probably in the fruit..

now stranger works for team pain, and so does joe storm, the man with the gloved hand. the deck was like this for awhile, made you want to not goof around to much. but as of may 2012, its decked.