craig stout

whos pop tarting? craig stoudt, thats who. cheapskates '90 photo by jerry



this stuff is all from my old site blindside. well everything except for the keith stuff. and all these photos and clips were in the late '80 to early '90, so there getting old, but not fully there yet. i couldnt bring myself to rid these pics when i started negativeion, and i think some might be mad if i did. so, without much else, heres what i had from before:

the very first thing i'd pick to do the why? because the possibilities are endless. the tricks are magical balancing acts. the ramps are beautiful sculptures. the actors are fucking nuts. what would make anyone ever want to stop this wicked combination of mind and agility?

in the 10 years i've been riding, i've accumulated a lot of stuff. i have buttloads of sexbolts, rails, hangers and everything else that ever went on the board. but what i'm really stoaked on in is my of skate stuff i can show you. the only catch is modern skating barly hit this section. its a blast from the past.

i was very much into going to cheapskates from about .89 to .92 or so. it was close to my house, and i got to see amazing stuff from the likes of Sean Miller, Bucky Lasek, Mark Pudurski, Rob Crowe, Barker Barrett, Ken Sigafoos, Rob Mertz and countless other locals. the crew i would go there with ripped just as much as the big names. Jason Sigafoos(maybe more than), Matt Learch, and Craig Stoudt. sometimes i would goto other ramps in the area and ride with Jason Pilarski, Ed Hartmen, Dave Owen, Jean Paul Salina, and Gary Musler.

i loved my last-second-throw-my-shit-together trips to this hoppin resort. so many talented riders gathered on such a fast ramp. major sessions all the time. have you not been here? check out who was.

well its my site.. so i guess i can put pictures and video clips of myself up.

not meant to be skated, yet....

heres some pictures of some members of the 1989 lifes a beach team rippin on one of those portable half-pipes.

so i finally got some pictures in here from lately (dec .96) still there isnt any flippty flips, just some air shot from a tree, and that air clears huge belltowers with single grabs i'll have you know

static keith
a friend gave me this tape of a guy named keith hollien who tears it up on a slalom course. i was really impressed with the way keith got a rush out of skateboarding. he flys through a bunch of different courses in the video. i picked out a few clips that represent keiths style.

* all photos from here on in are by jerry and who knows who did the video