If it were just about skating, the hanger would be damn close to the best spot any vert roundwall addict could ever live near. A fucking 12 foot deep wooden keyhole layered with skatelite and raw steel, in a backyard setting- a one-of-a-kind spot for sure. This bitch was doomed in a wharehouse skatepark before hank decided to rearrange it in beiringville, a lil country suburb of charleston, south cackalackie. Imagine how bringing the biggest wooden bowl ever into a country family farm would change the lives of those around it? That's exactly what hank did, and that's exactly why charleston still has a kickin skate scene. The thing to figure out is how the drama can keep going on and on.

At least a couple times I heard complaints
how they never got any coverage.
I wonder if negativeion counts?
Jimmy leaphart, the center of attention.

When I plopped myself down there in october of 2000, the thing that impressed me the most was the sessions. On any given day, there was probably 5 or 6 locals hanging out loosely and ripping stylishly. Guiding me in my vert roundwall tutorials were the likes of mark gee, mike thorbelson, jimmy leaphart, randy lowe, hank beiring, ed peck, and wags- the other half of the yankee posse, as coach called us. Then there were all the out-of-towners, mostly from nc and fl, that kept things fresh on the weekends. And as if those sessions weren't hot enough, the locals would throw big partys on the holidays, country style, with family and friends, bringing skating and getting wasted back in love.

But this place isn't just about skateboarding, its about theatre too. Where else can you find frizzy bitch dubbed 'fatal attraction' getting decked while wearing a hippy skirt and no underwear? Where else can you find a skateboarding coach who is wasted and divides the teams up into north and south? Where else can you hear the 'mouth of the south' complaining and/or bragging about 1 thing or another constantly? Where else can you find a drunken midget that skates vert better than you? And where else will your girl get phone messages from a puggy shit talker telling her she needs to be banging one of the grind syndicate men? These are some of the pluses and minuses of drama played out in a scene where everyone is welcome. Its variety, its entertainment, and its open to the public-
the charleston hanger bowl.