what does a copyright mean these days on the web? i have no clue, so this is what it means to me. everything in the negativeion universe is mine. either its soley mine, or someone gave me permission to digitize it for you. either way, you dont have any right to steal anything here. its all original and i get pissed when i see things elsewhere without permission. if you like it so much, why not buy it from me? everything on this site is for sale. do you wish you had an 8x10 b/w fiber print of rune doing a tailgrab at skatopia? no problem i can make you one. wish you had a copy of the whoop ass tour at utopia? i can dub a tape real easy. the point is all those frames and clips are from hi-8 tapes, and all those b/w's are from negatives that can be reproduced again for the right amount of money. so why not support this banner free site and treat yourself to some real good stuff at the same time?


mike frazier
backside lipsliding styling at utopia
jerry photo