it has everything

were gonna build a gnarly park here. thats what those guys on the grindline crew musta been saying when they started working on the park in aztec new mexico out near where the four states come together youll find this lil indian town with a big boy skatepark. the coping the obstacles the possibilities. i seriously doubt much of that park was in the plans, but there that gnarly stuff sits, embedded in cement for a couple decades. just look at the tooth extension in blenderland on part of the race track around the outside of the bowls. knock yourself out. this is a park that demonstartes a great skatepark doesnt have to be smooth or well planed, just done by skaters who harness challenges and proper proportions out of their dreams

the competition bowl
the competition bowl has a nice twist with some curvy coping before a pocket

steve taking off


the parking block spine     deck obstacles

the snake run of gnar
a parking block spine into a snake run with some burly features

cam piano grind
cam hits the piano grind right off the bat

piano coping
this coping trickery is ridiculous- this is skatepark building

the snake
5 different types of coping in this shot alone

the snake
this is the best snake run ive ever skated. packed with shit

john gr
like grinding rocks

nice death box
like a death box in the middle of a pocket

cam big ov f gr
and hand shaped aggregate topping a big oververt pocket

end of the snake
and escalators and extensions and waterfalls and hips and coping changes....

jerry slides

one pour pool
this pool might be at a skatepark, but its a real pool, make no mistake

cam over me

cam big ov f gr
the shallow end has enough vert to make this real sick

cam goin big in tight stuff


so you can fly to the nw and dodge rain and hit 20 amazing parks or you can drive into the desert. no rain there, just hot times. explore the wild west- hit aztec, im sure it will be a humbling experience. telluride and ridgeway colorado are 2 more grindline parks in the area. add a couple of backyard spots, epic mountain ranges, hot spring resorts and you have yourself a trip worth dropping

our wild west trip included staying in a hotel room that the police raided the night before. besides the door lock busted off and the crack pipe burns in the carpet, there was the bloody fingerprints on the sofa bed cushions.

negativeion skateboarding

so 6 months after i visit this place i write about it and upload the electrons. the next day i meet donny and kyle from the crew that built this place and i had to ask them about the project. they told me they did the pool in 1 day and swam in it as they built the rest of the park. as far as the design, well no city inspector ever showed up so they did what they wanted. a natural ditch in the landscape started the snake run idea. cant wait to skate this crews next park our way- kremling co

  cushion from hell

sangre de cristo range
sangre de cristo range