bishops castle  


bishops castle again

it is one of the most amazing projects ever. 1 man did all this and he preaches to people to fuck the banksters


this is the view everyone is greeted to

jesus was not a fudge packer- jim bishop

it just rises out of the trees

i believe this is a crane and maybe some counter weights?
he builds all this with these cranes welded together from scrap.
sometimes he leaves them, sometimes he recycles the material

this castle is handicap accessable. there sits the elevator, mid route

it was pretty cool being there in the winter. it was pretty cold there in the winter

lookin out of the main room

the arm and the handle attached to the blade are gone.
everyone use to write on it, probably pissed him off...

heres another elevator. notice the dangling operator switch

i dont think anyone shovels here. stairs were sketchy in places

stop anywhere and look around

hopefully i will see this thing breathe fire someday

the second highest tower

the highest tower

the bridge to nowhere

the sky had this crazy blue hue to it. i didnt change the color of these photos.

theres a crane left for inspiration

shakey icey stairs

such a chill blue cool scene

thats the top of it all

how comes john elway never visited this?

if the govenors ever came here that means they would acknowledge jim bishops existence

he's got a real good point there, fuck the banksters

rio grande