2/13 - 11/14

goin thru toyotas

had the 90 forever, well till feb 2013 when i slid it into a ditch. then i had tucks 92 till the engine block cracked. got the 06, a nice new big truck. didnt even get an oil change with it when i hit a skidster driving down the street and it ripped my back wheel back and too much damage to the drive shaft. then i got an 02. got 1 oil change then some chic ran a light and smashed me into a light pole. that was done by halloween 2014. got another truck now, drove it back from pa and its here to stay. its the 5th one in less than 2 years


donated both those to charity

i was hoping that was it for my truck troubles

doesnt look that bad

but the axle, universal and many other things were pulled apart

love this reflection


smashed on both front sides

shit went flying everywhere

you can see where my truck wrapped around a light pole

who knows what you see here

damage often times looks cool to me

pieces picked up from the accident scene

the tow truck drivers love this thing