i cruised it and it is fresh and nasty. i liked it. ill hook you up. i could use some hell stickers myself sometimes.

I found your www site from the Blue Dart section of and I wanted to tell you how much I like it. The Sigafoos artwork is super-fresh. Coincidentally, the unknown crail-slider in your skateboard section ... Keep skating,

Ken- How goes it? This is Andy Howell, a blast from the past. I was searching under "twist" and alas here you are. I'm stoked that you are still creating artwork, you are a very talented spirit. I'm going to check out some other stuff. but ...

hello ken how are you your page is just so nice and i hope all is good with you i am located in california at...

I am currently checking out your latest version of Blindside and it is dope as hell! Ken Sigafoos' stuff is really amazing and I think inspirational. It makes me want to go home whip out my sketch book and some scizzors and glue. Please pass on how stoked I am on his stuff.