i just dont want to have to rely on xcel for power. there are a huge power trippin, corporate lying, government swindling company. this is a 4.2 kw system with a secure outlet, which means as long as theres sun out, i can get power. im still waitng for my first check back from xcel. they buy my solar electricity for a certain price and then sell me theres for a larger price. my last months stats showed i was using 283kWh and sold them 186kWh

those flakes produce DC voltage. shot using the olloclip for a zoom in

mad props to george and rec for these flakes. shot before the olloclip days

i mounted the panels and wired things up here. dc voltage is live right away! i dont wanna get zapped by a solar panel

these panels dont need a specific angle, so the flush mount adds to there appeal

snow and ice dont fall off the panels as quick though...

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