i heard about these houses, built out of tires and bottles and cans and wanted to see them some day. at the end of 14, some day showed up. michael renyolds is the originator of these houses and the ideas that have evolved them. outside of taos, he has an expeimental construction site where about 50 earthships have landed. i was lucky enough to have a smart women and she checked us into one of them for a few nites. all these photos are from that trip that blew me away with what was going on down there

got there late at nite, when we went out in the am, this is what we saw first

heres a view from the roof, which is actually a big rain catcher. all the water from these things comes from the rain

they all have 2 thermal panels with a water heater on top(and outside when its 0?!)

the water is a big part of these things. i think the rain water is filtered 4 times before its ready for use

after water goes through the sink and shower it comes to a garden. in most cases theres many tiers of gardens to filter the water

the first level of plants is the big, non-edible ones

its a thriving environment for these plants

the kitchen and the garden

x ray vision would show you tires behind these walls, packed with dirt

the usage of bottles wasnt used enough in this place

some of these are coming from the bathroom

this was neat because it was midway through and
you could see more of how it was put together.
i believe thats a big water tank behind those tires

the junction of trash, i like it

now for a tour where they get pretty experimental.
they look like something out of a movie set

they got this land because no one else would want it. its barren and flat and near nothing

but what a view

this massive sculpture caught our eye

there taking this trash thing up a notch or 2 here

every which way you looked it was amazing

heres a planter bed and stairway creeping up the side

its like it was made with a magic wand, so mystical and bizarre

the tree is a great touch

most of these buildings would survive a fire

the bathroom is behind there

zoe figured it out, the stars are plastic bottles

theres so many cool things you can do with this concept

we donated to this epic project

i think people just drop off there wanted materials, we did

now i cant throw any glass or cans in the recycling bin, got to store that stuff for a project

and the fence is an idea

totally self sufficient and made from alot of trash- bravo and probably illegal where you live! this should be the spirit of america, not more cookie cutter houses in cookie cutter neighborhoods

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