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bamboo uses

bamboo rules. its super strong, looks good, easy to work with, grows fast (in most cases) and you can do so much with it. this page is meant as a demonstration of that, showcasing all the bamboo stuff in my house. theres stuff i made, stuff i've collected and a few examples outside of my zone

this was an xmas gift for zoe, maps of the forest near her property. this was my way of framing them

i split the bamboo in half across most of it and slipped the edge of the map through

an ashy tray with the outside torched a bit

wine bottle holder made from some charleston bamboo

i made this ages ago and still havent found its purpose yet

the nodes every once in a while are neat to work with

herb container or something

i made this as a place to put my crap.
the mat on the floor is bamboo also

used some wire and things to keep it tight

there use to be an ugly fake brick wall dividing these rooms. i wanted a bamboo wall instead

it came out pretty cool. it moves when the cats go through it,
it casts cool shadows when the light goes through it
and it looks great when your eyes go to it

the bamboo rods go well with the shower curtain.
just need to change the paint job in there

i have bamboo curtain rods all over the place and bamboo sheets in my most comfortable space

who doesnt have a bamboo cutting board?

this chair mat gets alot of abuse. i only wish it were bigger

cam gave me these and i just hung them over some ugly paneling

mat detail

heres modelo modeling on a thick bamboo glass table

this is the first thing not in my house. i wish i had bamboo flooring. found this stuff in an earthship

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