summer of 13

tanks for fish and plants

i made these things with the same principals and practices i use for making solar thermal tanks. they are flexible in size and shape and can be built in tight spaces

the big ones are alot stronger if you build them upside down and then flip. this way you can really secure the bottom plate to the ply

fill those cavities with some insulation. put some under while your at it

overlap those wall corners with plywood. put some more insulation down then the bladder

unfold it like a present and go.
i put a bulkhead in, but have not used it yet.
the uni makes things adjustable.

this is the drainback tank for a closed loop glycol system

glycol is pumped through radient tubing in the fish tank, then up through a thermal panel on the side of the greenhouse and back to the 10 gal rez

heres 3 beds above the tank. 2 are filled with lava rock and 1 here shows the bell siphon that goes through the bottom via a bulkhead

here was my first grow, just gettin goin

the thing was a bitch to maintain in the summer, so i decided to put a grow bed outside, but utilize the fish tank in the greenhouse. this was Dave Tucks truck bed

worked out pretty good size wise, this bed was close to 3 of the ones inside. had to raise it enough to get a drainback back to the tank

again, a bladder tank filled with lava rock and a bell siphon

greenhouse build

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