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aquaponics in a greenhouse

i might be able to blame alot of this on keith, he gave me all this info on aquaponics. that and i love talapia, which i get at my local foodmart and it comes from honduras. damm. i had all this crap around, like extra solar panels and controls and solar glass and wood and rubber and long metal poles and siding and rolled roofing and truck beds... so this is what i built bringing all that info and stuff together. below are some links into the process and beyond that are some interesting photos
greenhouse build
tank and grow beds build

i use the truck bed as a grow bed in the summer and pump the water from the 200 gallon fish tank in the greenhouse out and then it comes back via a bell siphon and clean!

zoe called it some dr seus shit. i thought that was a great compliment. had to buy the vents for intake and exhaust a lil bit of rolled roofing..

the perforated steel poles you see are from an old skatepark that team pain had to dismantle. it worked out like an erector set and easy to attach stuff too. these 3 beds are active in the winter

ive had 5 coi and 2 goldfish through 2 winters now and about 6 talapia are still going through this winter

one coi is huge. the water hasnt gotten below 40 yet. the radient tubing connected to a solar thermal panel definitly helps

build anim
evolution of the original build

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