summer of 13

building a greenhouse

i would have to say 90 percent of this thing is junk, scraps, collecting...

made an A frame mostly cuz of the materials i had. figured this would be the best use of materials. dug some holes in a sunny part of the yard

used some all thread and alot of vice grips to make the peak stabilizer.
the bolts and washers made it easy to adjust how you wanted the thing

i wanted perfection, and got pretty close

it was easy working with this shit, especially w a band saw to cut.

all i had to do was find the bolt and nut and washer i wanted. towards the end it got to be such a pain, it all got organized. but this is what i got from the boys also, buckets of hardware to go w the steel

thats pretty much the metal frame everything is built off

nailers for the plywood, then the solar panel, double walled glass and plywood were added

used up tons of scrap ply on this project

inside its nice and warm as the tank goes in.
because of its size, it was easy to find scraps to make it out of.
insulate insulate insulate

up and running- fans, vents, plants and solar heat

done! kinda

the A frame kinda sucked on the inside, didnt leave much head room

and i probably shouldnt have so much glass on the north side. so i blew it out a bit where 3 panes use to be

still have the frame running through, but the expansion is a nice big difference in the usage of this

i like using the rubber bladder cuz i can make tanks of any size and shape

didnt have to buy anything for the expansion

added some vents to get rid of some summer heat

tank build

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