vancouver, bc

all we wanted was to skate the hastings park, and it was closed when we got there! it seems the land is rented out for a fair, and during that time, theres no skating it. there were protests to no avail, the public free city park was closed down. luckily, we found park gate and Char. with her and marc and we hit alot of parks while waiting for hastings to open. we even hit this vert ramp thats used for a new tv show called skate. (props to seb) its suppose to be pretty good, and will include a griptape guru. anyway, we had a blast meeting the locals and skating crazy parks and living on the fat american dollar. oh and wreck beach, home of the angry bottomless hippies, that was something else. another bonus of the wait was showing our root of the fruit trailer at a 70's skateboarding film festival. when hastings finally opened it was worth the wait. thanks to char, marc and for the hospitality. we kidnapped for some oregon sessions.

*please note gold is 6.5%

science's boneless is probably bigger than the china creek bowl

china creekgold12
the oldest park in bc, home to the jacks, mellow bowls and a freestyle ring- china creek

crack pipegold12gold6
sick indoor project in downtown vancouver. 40 feet wide and a bunch of toys- the crack pipe

just one of many old rolley polley parks in the vancouver area- griffen

while at new west minster we got some kid to ride a skateboard while wearing rollerblades. warm up park

north vancouvergoldgold
the sprack park where alex chalmers got it down- north vancouver or seylynn

we skated this sober and still had fun. nice trannys, fun spine, cruiseable, good grafetti- port conquitum or poco

park gategold6goldgold
this sweet park was tucked away behind a shopping center. the quick rollover has taken lotsa people out- park gate

the other side of this park needs stuff to bounce you back. richmond is still a fav for locals

white rockgoldgold
just over the border stretch. wierd obstacles. fast carves- white rock

big mellow vert ramp down at the docks in north vancouver. it was made for 'skate'- we call it shed #5 (

possible the best bowl on the trip, hastings. look at all those lines.

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