tour summary

science and mika 64 spots. jerry 59 spots. the breakdown goes like this: 47 free concrete parks, 6 mini ramps, 3 full pipes, 3 pools, 2 vert ramps, 1 building, 1 skatopia, and 1 vans park.

1 bee sting on the nut sack, 1 flu, 10 stitches, 6 accupuncture sessions, and 1 seizure (on a sub tour).

73 days. 6 rain days. 8,000 miles. 3 contests (dave placed 3rd at denver concrete challenge, 1st at the aspen concrete challenge, and 2nd at aumsville (1st time there, no pads)), 0 pullovers, dave set the world record of 131 rock and rolls at the skateColorado mini, 28 hours of footage, countless new friends.

jerry rock
jerry in lap over time in lincoln city, oregon


science transfer
doing it the only way he knows how, science transfers his way around the church hill park in eugene, oregon

top spots
hastings, denver city park, skatopia, west seatle house, aumsville, newberg, lincoln city, bainbridge, sumner, donald, grants pass.

super thanks
tamara (and folks), team pain asheville (james, lil eddy, drew), hitman, darren z, jeff, sonja, hudson, caleb, terrel, tuck, nikki & glenn, beaz, brewce adams, salt lake texas crew (gene, kurt, cuz, cowboy, brian pennington!), joe t, seattle house (randy, nate, mo, jay), shaggy, rabi, carl, tz, lj, heather, char, marc,, andy (crack pipe), seb, jeff, jay meer, meager, jeff z, matt (bowl troll), brewce martin, tom w, murf, everyone who we skated with, guest camera operators, and skate park builders everywhere.

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