seattle, wa

we met up with nate, morris, randy, jay and others at the west seattle bowls. had a blast with some real skaters. then shaggy, peter and rabi took us to the latest grindline project for the icing on the cake. it was funny when kids in football uniforms were blowing off their coach to skate the new park. all you need to know about this area is there is alot of pool coping (230 blocks at sumner and 250 at bainbridge) hips and pockets. good vibes for good people.

sumner bowl
look at all that pool coping! look at all those different hips and pockets! the sumner bowl

sumner street12pk6pk
a street course? you decide, ill' ride. sumner

auburn parkbeastbeast
rolley polley park- auburn

burien parkbeastbeastbeast
another place to barge around, burien is super smooth, justin is flying

just another sick grindline project- bainbridge

peter hewitt poppin out at bainbridge

sea skates6pk
the park in downtown seattle that should have been built by grindline- sea skates (props to pearl jam for fundage)

west side bowlskeg
neighbors on the west side

2001 home