salt lake city, ut

lots of the colorado crew heard about 'crete in salt lake, so when we said we were heading there, they came along. we all hooked up at gene and mikes pad and proceeded to party and gather momentum to skate. our first attack was the logan public park, which has a pretty cool bowl and a very fun street course. the parking lot was fun too. the next days mission was a full pipe and park city. after a slow start, we only got to hit park city. the beer bench was in effect here, as was a ripping bowl capped with pool coping. somehow we even managed about 50 free beers. go figure? the park got extra props for that. it was our second skate day with longboard ripper brian pennington! the city park we hit was right behind my friend joes house. we had to hit it just because. after an hour of dodging and burning kids, we were on the road.

* ratings were based on 3.2 beer

logan bowl
some rad hips and pockets in logan. no vert though

logan street12pk
the logan street course has alot fun stuff

ice cold mountain water

park city street
a place for park city kids to conglomerate

park city bowl12pk6pk
look how long this bowl is! park city has lines

salt lake city park6pk
the most laid back trannys on the tour were at this salt lake city park

green riverbeast
we stopped at a grocery store in green river, and across the street was the local ramp

2001 home