from Concussion issue 18

This video is a great idea-it's like a skatepark review guide. And since it's the same dude skating all the parks, you can get a sense for how good the parks are by how much shit gets thrown down at the spots. If that isn't enough, they rate everything in Milwauke's Best beer ratings. Fantastic. Put together by that Science Fair dude and some of his friends, this video is essentially a roadtrip across the country, where they did a good job of hitting a SHITLOAD of skateparks, with the better ones being in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. You get to see some of the best and worst parks in the nation, plus some other random spots and shit like that. I might disagree with some of their ratings (they gave poor ratings to some parks that looked pretty good) and this video was seriously long. So long I had to watch it in two sittings. Like it needed another good edit. And after a while you kind of get tired of watching any one person skate for over an hour. Still he's pretty rad and doesn't get naked- too often. At the end he slaps over 100 rock n rolls on a mini ramp, which was another marathon of endurance for the rider and the viewer. Anyway overall this shit was rad, if taken in small doses. I think someone else could take this idea and seriously make some money out of it if they released tapes for different regions, mixed up the riders a bit, packaged it with a pretty cover and got some good distribution. This shit blows doors off of websites that rate skateparks. Still, these comments are no slight to the producers of this fime film, and I look forward to seeing Science's next roadtrip. If you're taking a roadtrip to Colorado or Oregon anytime soon, watch this video before you go, and you'll know what's up. dk