stafford, nj

garry took me here. the mickey mouse bowls? yeah sure ill go. it wasnt the worst spot on the tour, but damn close.


very laid back, scooter idiots everywhere, 1.5" coping in the lucky spots, banks with curbs on top of them- stafford, new jersey

  reading, pa

so this is my 3rd warning on this website- reading is getting dozed. i had to hit it before i moved out west. its still very much alive in that alot of local kids go there and mess around. the snake runs are in pretty bad shape, but you can still ride them. the kink sink is the same as ive ever known it, kinky.


legendary snake runs

reading pool
the kink sink is hard as hell to keep speed in, but its there for the taking

  pittsburgh, pa

how much have you heard about 37's bowl? i heard alot and had to check it out on my way out west. the marble pool coping, the vert in the shallow, the death rollover, the scrap wood managerie, the mini bowl, the house itself, 37, .... all whacky shit. they get more out of towners to skate it than locals. id be there alot, challenging myself to those crazy lines. this is the second gnarliest bowl on the tour (west seattle had the king gnar).


37s bowl
11.5 feet in the deep, 7 in the shallow, a very difficult rollover, and pool coping. what are you waiting for? go there


37s minibowl
how about this mini bowl on the deck of the big one.
possibly even more difficult to skate

37s bowl
a vertical pano, so you can see the roof.
dumpster missions made this bowl and building a reality


37s house
just a classic photo

37s tranny support
some trees were left from the clear cut to support the bowl

2001 home