there's alot of stuff to skate in this state, starting in the north with dreamland projects down to the south where eric dawkins keeps it going. burnside was gnarly as usual, and mad props to LJ, jay meer, and jeff for the hospitality. the little kids at lincoln city rip. we were camping in the valley of the rouge when we heard about the terrorist shit, and hit 4 killer parks in that haywire day. home to willy, and we didnt even see him. if it only didnt rain so much....

this place has so many lines, and the punk factor is way high

newberg is huge! you can just keep going and going

only dreamland could get a backyard pool as a public park. this is donald, with a pop. of 1000

1 big smooth-ass bowl that has everything- aumsville

a great warmup for the next park, newport has some challenging spots

lincoln city12pk12pk
lincoln city has lights all nite, convient camping, ripping locals and rad terrain

redmonddaves rating12pk
redmond has a burly keyhole, ripping lady skaters, and cheesy ghetto locals (at least the 1's that wanted to fight dave) ps. lookout for the safety rail by mogul run

amazon is a very old and layd back park in eugene

the church hill park has some crazy pockets and bad pours, but also can be very challenging and fun

phase 1 of the jacksonville park is small but fun.

ashlands bowl has some unique stuff to keep you occupied

talent has a wide open bowl and some crazy obstacles stuck all over

medford is sick. a huge street course and a big combi bowl with concrete coping and tile

western banksbeast
our 5th spot in 1 day, the western banks, where we almost got busted

grants pass12pk12pk
personal fav in oregon, grants pass has lotsa vert, rad cement coping and sick hips

2001 home