denver, co

wow! what a hotspot for skateboarding. besides great places to skate, the people are nice as hell too. the city park just opened and it rocks cuz you can skate till 11, its free, you dont have to wear pads, and the beer bench is in full effect. then theres the vans park with the huge clover and fast as hell coping. dont forget the humbler, which is a backyard pool made out of wood. and all the little pinner parks... fort collins is almost done... mad props to sonja, hudson, and caleb for the hospitality.

city park rules
the elite denver city park

the beer bench ruleskeg
the beer bench, one reason this park gets a keg rating

the humbler6pk
vert all around, 3'radius corners, gnar coping

boulder, co

another hippy town with some stuff to skate. the boulder city park was way to laid back for our liking, but there were some fun transfers in the street and bowl. after that, it was off to a kicking mini ramp jam at the surf colorado ramp. people were going nuts on the over vert extension.

boulder bowlbeastbeasthalfbeast
the bowl at the boulder park

brewces mini12pk
surf colorado mini, both extensions go over vert

breckenridge, co

we stopped here for a quick checkout (not a real rating) while some of the posse was gearing up for the trek to salt lake. it looks so much smaller than in video! the deep end is tight, and the rest is super mellow. beaz'z hometown park.

squirm in mellowland, get thrown outta the deep end

grand junction, co

this was a nice halfway point between denver and salt lake, so we decided to stretch the legs at the public park. i felt like a cattle, with wierd fences and narrowing tunnels. phase 2 was moving the fence back and adding a ditch for water to run through the park. it wasnt that great to skate, but kinda entertaining. had more fun in the parking lot.

grand junctionhalfbeast
where skateboarding meets cattle hearding

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