here we go again, back to colorado. we hit a wide range of parks in the mountains (including the silverjack fullpipe!) and then racked up some more points on the front range. the denver area has lotsa lil parks that we didnt even get to. holy croc! theres alot. then science stepped it up and ruled the concrete challenge. the big money spurred the tour on.


aspen, co

snobby town with a pretty cool park. the tinted concrete is nice, however the surface of this park is super slick due to over troweling or some shit. its fun, but the slickness can be frustrating.

the aspen park

aspen bowl12pk
the aspen bowl, its slick even when its not wet.

denver area

bam bam bam, you can easily have a tom knox day in denver. variety too, from laid back big stuff, to ghetto mini ramps, to corporate monsterplexs, they have it all.

the slipperiest park on the tour, this mini was no joke- the arvada park- a quick skate from my new home.

tech centerbeast
the tech center- laid back, inconsistant coping, kinks, and laid back.

shittyass vans rules couldnt keep us away from this clover. watch out for bike nite, slippery coping, and the bald manager.

fort collins, co

vb arron moved up there and helped john baise build a sweet concrete public park. only an hour from denver and 3 enticing spots, a must see town. see what we skated.

t r a n s f e r s. do them at fort collins. grind the cement coping. carve around. feel the tile.

science blasts a backside transfer at fort collins

the local rec center has a nice wide mini and very rough street course.

a grom at the public park told us about the devils armpit. 7' deep and 2' of tranny.

the novality pipe- we just had to hit it.

2001 home