more spots

jerry got out of sciences truck and then had to move his base from charleston to denver via a stop in pennslyvania to sort things out. so add another 16 days and 2,500 miles, and of course theres more spots. so here's jerry's solo get to my new home tour, bringing the totals to 69 parks in 90 days.

  charleston, sc

got once last chance to skate the stuff in charleston, and i took full advantage. the hanger is one of the best things to ever skate, and i use to ride it everyday. now i relate all my bowl riding to that experience. said bye to the team burnout mini and that house of skate rats. aaron just finished extending and relayering his mini and as luck would have it, i was in on a brand new session. to many goodbyesss. shannon, thanks for making me skate it.


the hanger
steel on the flat, skatelite on the round, 2 feet of vert, amazing ride - the hanger bowl

aarons mini on johns island has an extension, escalator, and set back wall for fun times

  philadelphia, pa

i was so stoaked to pull up into the parking lot of fdr and see familiar faces and yuengling beer. after that sesh, it was off to the wharehouse for my first time. what a sick joint! i had alot of visits to fdr during the week and saw alot of ripping. fdr is rad, go there.


can you believe no one is skating? a rare afternoon moment underneath I.95

fdr bowls
the escalator curvy spine brings together laidback and lotsa vert pool coping bowls

fdr vert
shawn miller was a ruling skateboarder from pa. this ramp is in his memory, and came from his backyard

late addition- the philly warehouse- yippee!

  allentown, pa

back home for a bit to catch up with people and skate spots. most good stuff is a travel to get to from here. luckily, i got in on the local trench location not far from home. if this area had more roundwall maybe id come home more often...


the name of this file is a hint as to where this smooth gem is

2001 home