asheville, nc

hippy town number one on the tour. we met our team pain allies and proceeded to get a buzz at their favorite bar. the park rides like a champ, and the bowl looks great so far. we drank a 12pack while we were there, but to really rate this park, the drain needs to be fixed, and the bowl complete.

asheville mini
mini bowl

asheville street
street course

asheville bowl12pk
10' deep, 1' vert bowl

dayton, oh

we invaded the world of hitman and he gave us a skate spot tour of the dayton area. we skated alot of different terrain and had alot of fun. the concrete parks were laid back. the one was built under an old nuclear power plant. the fullpipe was a crazy hike. the hitman's ramp had the best homemade pool coping!

the first mini ramp ever? maybe. the classic surf ohio mini was the days first stop

baker park
the baker park

baker bowl1reeb1reeb
the baker bowl, very laid back

miamisburg bowl1reeb1reebhalfReeb
miamisburg- dont drink the water! lost ledges

dayton full pipe1reebhalfReeb
10' dia 40' long rusty full pipe

the hit ramp6pk
10' high 1.5' of vert, and 6' of flat - the hitman's ramp, right out of the '80's

champaign, il

a park we just had to hit. oh shit, our buddy darrin is in charge. hes got $350 phone bills and posters of wanted kids to look out for. he even kicks rollerbladers out of the bowl for you. the bowl is unique and alot of fun. worth the stop. ask to use the slay-lum course.

spalding street
non rideable lump bumps, wierd ass spine

spalding bowl12pk
our first bowl with extensions, the skinniest hip we've hit, the lump extension

columbia, mo

we found this park because it was a good stopping point on a long drive. everything could have been better. one kid asked dave why he didnt do any tricks because he was just cruising around.

cosmo park1reebhalfReeb
the cosmopolitian park

2001 home